Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am about to try Insanity for the first time. I have to do the fit test first. I am borrowing my neighbor's. Then I am going to try the one entitled, "Dig Deep." Sounds awful. Aparently my neighbor was sore for days, but because the program is a 60 day program with only Sundays off, she didn't get the rest she wanted. I'll try it a few times. Maybe I'll be doing it in CT when I go!

The fit test is simply how many of the following exercises you can do in a minute (and my results, which should improve over the 60 days):
Switch Kicks: 58
Power Jacks: 43
Power knees: 89 - which I think I missed something because I only did one leg...hmm...
Power Jumps: 32
Globe Jumps: 9 - ok, they are a series of 4 jumps each, before you make fun of me!
Suicide Jumps: 22 (think burpee or squat thrust)
Push Up Jacks: 23 - Those are the worst!
Spidermans: 45 - they're called something else, but because I'm so tired, I can't remember what in the world they are called, but I know I've done them before as Spidermans.

ALSO, this is the last month of the Bikini Body Countdown! You can do it! Have you tried on your bikini? I just wore mine to the beach on Monday and felt great (minus the burn)! I haven't seen what is in store for this month because I left the magazine in my beach bag which is in the car Toddy took to work. I'll write the workout soon!

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